Episode 112 is a Much Needed and Valuable conversation with Family Law Attorney Darryl Daniels. Originally from Detroit, Graduate of Michigan State and Howard school of Law and currently practicing in the Metro Washington DC area; Darryl is a Family Law Attorney with a special place in his heart for Men that are currently dealing with Legal issues under the umbrella of Family law.

This is a Powerful Conversation!!! We don’t want ANY of the brothers in the Black Fathers, NOW Family to have to deal with divorce or custody issues…but the reality is that some have and ultimately will. In that case, I felt it was important with this platform to at least make sure that brothers are prepared. ALSO…I want to give brothers HOPE! If you sense issues are brewing in your relationship, Dig Your Well before You are Thirsty and Get Help NOW!!! Counseling, Therapy, Communication, Changing your environment and couples you hang out with, etc…Lets not get to this point. Fix issues before they start!