Amazing Support!
Darryl was amazing and super supportive of my legal needs from beginning to end. He made a very delicate situation easier to handle.


Mr. Daniels was highly recommended by another attorney. His professionalism and astute knowledge of the law proved to be an accurate recommendation for my situation. I was honored to have him on my side and he achieved the desired results which enabled me to properly receive a piece of mind and adequately provide for my children. This firm is precise and accurate and will get the job done. Highly recommended!


When I first contacted Attorney Daniels I had absolutely no idea where and how to start the process. I had done some light research, but found everything so daunting. During our consultation, he was very knowledgeable and made sure I had a clear understanding of what all of my options were. He was very patient and understanding with me as I took my time weighing out the options and deciding when to start the process. Once we got started, we communicated regularly and his turn around time and response time was impeccable. I felt as if my time and what I had to say mattered. I highly recommend Attorney Daniels for legal representation!!!


Mr. Daniels is the best attorney for your legal representation.
Attorney Daniels is a first-rate attorney who helped me through a really difficult time in my life. Criminally, I was looking at an assault offense after a homeless-looking guy decided to make a false report on me to the WMATA transit police. As a result, I was taken into custody and spent over a day in jail. Unbelievable! I was a true mess after the court ordered a restraining order against me for a man I have never seen a day in my life. I am however thankful for someone to recommend me to Attorney Daniel's after hiring an incompetent local-area attorney who I lost money too before Mr. Daniels. In a short time, Mr. Daniels was was in my corner and continually assured me my situation would turn out okay. Mr. Daniels cut through the bs and was not afraid to litigate for me to have the bogus charges dismissed. I was impressed by his skills, knowledge of the law and of the court procedure. Although I should not have been charged, I can never repay Mr. Daniels with how much potential time I saved dealing with this matter, and his professionalism, they stood out to me. Skilled, Experienced, Inspires Confidence - Mr. Daniels is the attorney to go to!


The Best!
Darryl is the best! I contacted Daniels Legal LLC and received a quick response! Unlike the previous legal counsel/firm that I have reached out to, Darryl took the time to carefully listen to every single detail of my claim. I did not feel rushed. Also, It was extremely easy to reach out to Daniels Legal LLC utilizing the online form. After speaking to Darryl, I was put at ease and he provided a lot of insight and steps to take going forward. I would definitely recommend Daniels Legal LLC.

Criminal Defense Attorney


Darryl Daniels is a great criminal defense and family attorney in DC. I have seen him in action in the courtroom and it is apparent that he advocates for his clients. He is not afraid to have hearings, file motions, or go to trial if need be. I highly recommend him.